Adam Logan

Adam Logan

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First Name * Adam
Last Name * Logan
Username * adamlogan
Country * USA
City Rochester
Nationality American
Languages American Sign LanguageEnglish




I first discovered cg in a graphic design course in high school. At home I discovered the Unreal Tournament (1998) editor and just fell in love with bsp level design. I was just totally blown away with the concept of the orthographic view and 3d in general. I loved being able to create my own environments. When Unreal Tournament 2003 came out I learned about the importance of static meshes which introduced me to the vastly superior 3d modeling and animation packages which could create the reflection of the real. Real mind bender. I gave the Art Institute of Portland Oregon the good ol college try for a year and a half and that didn't work out for a number of reasons. It's been 3 years since I dropped out, and yet I can't stop looking at cg, I can't stop my longing to create in 3d. I have felt like a failure since then. I have since realized what I need to do. Lower my expectations of myself, and just draw, model, design. So that's what I'm hoping to do in this space. To start as a beginner and consistently churn out work, ask for feedback, listen to constructive feedback, keep turning out work.